6 August, 2020 16:05

Course: Intermediate Photography
Section Number: ART206-01
Registration Code: 621675
Schedule: 08/24/20 – 12/11/20
MW 11:45am – 2:55pm
Instructor: Lamia Khorshid
Contact: Lkhorshid@swccd.edu

Fee: $15. Grade only. [Prerequisite: ART 205 or equivalent] Focuses on creative assignments in a variety of photographic styles. Includes intermediate techniques of exposure control, high dynamic range, digital photographic aesthetics, digital workflow, medium and large format cameras, and electronic flash. Assignments are in color and grayscale. Requires an adjustable camera with manual exposure mode. A digital SLR is recommended.


Lamia Khorshid
Part-Time Faculty
Photography & Digital Imaging
Southwestern College