UNDIVIDED featuring international artists, talk and reception on 1/31 from 12-1pm, RM 704B

The first show in the student art gallery for spring is a little different.

It features 3 international graffiti artists:



Guillermo Echeveste

One of our adjunct faculty, Griselda Rosas, and been instrumental in coordinating with the 3 artists to get them here for the talk and the show. I

The 3 artists are giving a talk and presentation about their work on 1/31 from 12-1pm in room 704B. A reception will follow in front of the Student Art Gallery (Room 700). The show is called UNDIVIDED. Announcement attached.

Please encourage both new and old students to attend. It is an exciting group of artists.

Here is an interesting link that Griselda sent me about the artists:

HEM Crew celebrates 24 years on the streets of Tijuana / San Diego


Thank you!