Art 211 guest speaker list for Spring 2018

Look at this amazing list of guest speakers for Art 211 Editorial and Advertising Photography. Enroll and learn from these amazing professionals!

Phil Ferrari – intro to video &
Jim Coit – still life/product (Jim and Phil will come together)

Joan Maloney – Art Director, Designer/Owner, Studio 318

Chris Wimpey – advertising, product, lifestyle

Studio Tour/class on location, Nick Nacca, Riverdale Studios Nick will show his work and discuss his shooting techniques

Greg Lambert – Action Sports, lighting demo, Riverdale Studios

Marshall Williams – lifestyle photography/editorial photography

Carl Kravets – Food photography presentation/lighting demo

Timm Eubanks – location/lifestyle/studio photography

Dave Barton – Owner, David Kind Eyewear, Working with photographers, client perspective

Randall Cornish – Graphic Designer, Basic logo design

Amy Duncan – Owner, Goldfish Marketing
& Ron Padua, Graphic Designer-Art Director