APA National–Discount to PSPF Portfolio Reviews at PhotoPlus Expo 2017

APA Members’ Discount to PSPF Portfolio Reviews at PhotoPlus Expo 2017



Meet the people who can MOVE careers!



CLICK THIS LINK to download a PDF with great tips on how to prepare for your portfolio reviews.


All pre-registered attendees in our Emerging & Pro Portfolio Review will choose their reviews on October 6th. After this date, only remaining reviewer appointments will be available.

Today it’s harder than it has ever been to meet the people you need to know in this industry.
Source books haven’t made sense in years. Email campaigns are opened by tiny fragments of the total number you send; influencers are inundated. Sending printed material is an expensive shot in the dark. You know the only way to move your career forward is face-to-face meetings.
The Official Portfolio Review Programs at PhotoPlus Expo was created by the Palm Springs Photo Festival in partnership with Photo District News to address these issues for both commercial and fine art photographers. You can choose from over 175 reviewers in our Emerging and Pro review program and spend 20 minutes showing and discussing your work with top decision makers from the full gamut of industry influencers. Get a leg-up. Move your career forward. Make the decision to get started today.
Sign up now and start planning your meetings!

* All attendees will be automatically entered to win a FUJIFILM X100F Camera, X-A3 Camera and Lens Kit or an INSTAX SQUARE SQ10! See our website for details.

[http://d31hzlhk6di2h5.cloudfront.net/20170914/81/39/c5/f3/4c6779fa44565ecc4469c3dc_444x240.jpg] [http://d31hzlhk6di2h5.cloudfront.net/20170914/18/6a/5a/57/c5817904a93c9201b01c1879_414x240.jpeg] [http://d31hzlhk6di2h5.cloudfront.net/20170914/b6/b9/20/cc/640a56d164cfa41a7a312598_318x240.jpeg]

WORDPRESS.COM will be conducting free, one-on-one website consultations for portfolio review registrants at PhotoPlus Expo!


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