(Un)Clothed – Call for Entry Extended Submission Deadline March 13, 2013

(Un)Clothed – Call for Entry
Extended Submission Deadline
March 13, 2013
Image Credits: Trunk © Florence Poulain, Progression © Shaun Kardinali,

Voyage of Manhood © Johnny Picardo, Brothers © Elin Hoyland

(Un)Clothed is not simply to be nude. To be unclothed is to be without cover: to be bare, free, exposed, vulnerable, natural and/or blank. While humans most often use clothing as decoration, protection, covering, or barrier, one’s own skin has become socially regarded as hidden and/or private. (Un)Clothed will reveal what lies beneath and depict that which is not commonly seen or expected.

Juror: Mona Kuhn

Mona Kuhn is an internationally acclaimed artist. Kuhn photographs beautiful nudes that are not simply about being naked. They are about the body being a residence of who we are as human beings. Kuhn portrays the complexities of human nature, both tempting and provoking the viewer’s imagination.

Entries Due: March 13, 2013

Notice of acceptance: March 23, 2013
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With selection for this exhibition, featured artist’s work will be seen by an international audience of collectors, curators, art consultants and other advocates of fine art photography.

Juror’s Selection – $500.00 cash award
Director’s Selection – $250.00 cash award

Several artists will receive honorable mentions, which include a 2 year membership and a three image submission to a call for entry at The Center.

Two liveBooks Website awards valued at $399 from liveBooks.com
Each liveBooks award pays for the first year of a basic liveBooks website.