Next week: ASMP’s Business as unUsual webinar

Join us next week for ASMP’s Business as unUsual Webinar

Estimating with Confidence

with Lynn Kyle, art buyer, producer & Agency Access consultant
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
1:00 -2:30 pm eastern
Note: this 90-minute webinar includes an extended Q&A session.

You’ve made the connection, made an impression, and have been asked to quote on a project, but where do you start? These days, even the most experienced photographers seem to struggle with pricing their work, sussing out client needs and negotiating favorable fees. An experienced Art Buyer and Producer, Lynn Kyle will help you understand how to ask the right questions, come up with the right numbers and build lasting relationships as you navigate the maze of pricing and estimating. Join us for this extended online webinar on pricing and estimating with plenty of time to get your questions answered.

This important webinar is free for all live attendees.
Join us Wednesday, May 27 — REGISTER TODAY!

Advocacy Alert: Copyright Office Issues a Notice of Inquiry on Photographs, Graphic Artworks, and Illustr ations

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APA National – April News
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Copyright Office Issues a Notice of Inquiry on Photographs, Graphic Artworks, and Illustrations

From: Michael Grecco

Two years ago, as Chairman of the APA Advocacy Committee, I had the idea to create a Statutory Amendment to the Copyright Law which would require users of images on the internet, reprints, and elsewhere to pay the creator for the use. In tandem with that initiative, APA has been working on a distribution society, likeASCAP, to distribute those funds and others currently collected worldwide for photography to the rights holders—photographers. It became clear that this was not going to work without an industry-wide effort. Other APA officers and I helped form a coalition of trade organizations specifically for this effort. We have now met withMaria Pallante and her staff at the Copyright Office twice in an effort to change the plight of our members. Maria was particularly surprised at the inequities for photographers in the industry.

The first step of our efforts has been realized with a Notice of Inquiry from the Copyright Office. This publicly opens the debate as to what needs to be done on our members’ behalf. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me personally at We will be working with the other organizations in our industry to submit comments on your behalf.

United States Copyright Office
NewsNet Issue 578
April 24, 2015

Copyright Office Issues a Notice of Inquiry on Photographs, Graphic Artworks, and Illustrations

The U.S. Copyright Office has published a Federal Register notice requesting written comments on how certain visual works, particularly photographs, graphic artworks, and illustrations, are monetized, enforced, and registered under the Copyright Act. The Office is specifically interested in the current marketplace for these visual works, as well as observations regarding the real or potential obstacles that these authors and, as applicable, their licensees or other representatives face when navigating the digital landscape.

Photographers, graphic artists, and illustrators have expressed a growing list of concerns in recent years when speaking to both the Copyright Office and Members of Congress. This Notice of Inquiry thus builds upon our longstanding policy interest in these types of visual works, including the Copyright Office’s studies in a number of areas such as small claims, the making available right, resale royalties, registration, recordation, and the interoperability of records. As always, the Office is interested in the perspectives of copyright owners as well as users of these creative works. This is a general inquiry that will likely lead to additional specific inquiries.

The Notice of Inquiry is available at Written comments are due on or before July 23, 2015, and reply comments are due on or before August 24, 2015.


Advocacy Efforts

APA is an active organization that gives its members not only a voice on the national stage but also a platform to amplify it.

We work hard advocating for the rights of professional image makers, keeping an eye on our rapidly changing industry.

Our advocacy efforts are driven by three core principles:

1. We believe in the value of images and image makers to change minds, influence decisions, and effect change.
2. We believe today’s economy values thoughtful, eye-opening imagery more, not less, than ever.
3. We believe content creators have the right to fair compensation for their work.

Together we give our shared vision a stronger voice.

APA membership is great value and plans starts at just $50 per year.

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Fashion Photography Seminar, April 13th from 12-3pm

Art 210 Portrait Photography is hosting a fashion photography Seminar on April 13th from 12-3pm. Meet in room 574. Contact Micajah Truitt at mtruitt if you would like to attend.

This event is sponsored by Nelson Photo Supplies and produced by Tony Amat.

Attendees include:

Fashion Photographer – Isaiah Mays –

Makeup Artist – James Overstreet –

Modeling Agency / Photographer – Scott Olson – MOSON and Grier Model Management

Photos by Isaiah Mays:

Hair and Make-up by James Overstreet:

Photos by Scot Olson:

Only a Few Spots Left for The Authentic Photograph Workshop with Bil Zelman.

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Share this: [] [] [] [] [] Only a few spots left.

Become an APA member today and
save up to $50 off of registration!


This workshop is for any photographer who wants to create and photograph truly genuine expressions; who’s primary subjects are people and who’s wish is to get inside their subjects’ heads and entice them to feel and react to things in a way that feels natural, in a way that’s prescribed, directed and controlled by you.
This class is limited to twelve participants, includes lunch with local beers. 100% of the proceeds go to the San Diego chapter of American Photographic Artists.
Through casual and entertaining roundtable style discussions, demonstrations, shoots and visual case studies, Zelman will walk you through a variety of shoot situations and send you home inspired and with fresh new thoughts on how to approach your subjects and your work.

* Cultivating your subject’s confidence and trust – the foundation of authenticity * Portrait psychology – motivating your subject, reducing their anxieties and getting them to open up
* Creating and controlling your shooting environment – finding your light, using closed sets, using and choosing less equipment
* Unconventional casting techniques
* Style vs. technique
* The use of voice inflection, inner narratives, positive feedback, deliberate imperfections
* Reading and sending body language – mirroring others’ moods and energy levels, and how to get them to mirror yours
* The use and timing of mood altering substances such as wine, sugar and caffeine * When to throw potatoes…and a million other things…

This is an intensive group class and together you will cover a ton of ground. Cameras, notepads and/or voice recorders are highly recommended!

When: Saturday, March 28th 2015 from 9am-4pm
Where: Harrison Photographic, 930 W. Ivy Street San Diego, CA 92101 Cost: APA Members $100; Student, ASMP, MOPA & 3S $125; NON-Member $150 Become an APA member today and save up to $50 off of registration! JOIN APA NOW and then REGISTER HERE!

Over the years Bil Zelman’s campaigns and editorial work has required his images to convey very specific expressions – satisfied vs. happy, pride, elation, celebration, rivalry, defeat, consolation, intelligence, being “lost”, absorbed, pensive and a slew of others. Figuring out ways to make those people genuinely FEEL those emotions vs. acting them out is the secret to creating powerful, lasting imagery.
“Zelman’s lecture was so jam-packed with insight I couldn’t write fast enough. It was as if he dumped his entire life’s experience onto the table”! John S. Photo Expo NYC 2013
“So very well thought out and insightful. (Zelman) has obviously spent a lot of hours deconstructing the minutia of his workflow and presented them in a way that will certainly improve my own work”. Rachel P. Photo Expo NYC 2013
“Bil’s seminar was brilliant and hysterical and fast paced. He (really knows) how to cover a lot of ground efficiently and entertainingly.” Anonymous attendee CSCA Ohio Stat
Zelman’s been attacked by a neck-biting monkey while snapping shots of sloths in the Amazon, floated on icebergs in Patagonia, sailed through the Bahamas with Alexandra Cousteau and shot in over 30 countries. He’s partied with Gaga; cracked up the “it” girl of comedy, Kristen Wiig, getting her to squawk like a bird for a portrait; and shot David Bowie as his first megastar assignment at the ripe age of 20. Since then, Taylor Swift, the Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Hawk, Jerry Seinfeld, and myriad other A-listers have all posed for him.
Consistently touted as a Top 200 photographer worldwide by Lürzer Archive, Zelman has shot and directed dozens of international advertising campaigns for brands such as CocaCola, Jim Beam, Harley Davidson, Bud Light, Guinness and Apple. His work has been shown or collected by The Museum of Photographic Arts, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Lucie Foundation, FCMOA, The Center for Photographic Arts, The Center for Fine Art Photography, The Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Arts,Newspace Center for Photography, The Portland Museum of Art and many others. His most recent book Isolated Gesture was awarded an Art Director’s Club award by Albert Watson.

930 West Ivy Street San Diego, CA 92101